Curry County Democrats Democrats of Curry County


Terry Brayer,, 541-469-9661 or 541-661-6432

Richard Carey,, 206-898-8379

Eileen Sorrels

Linda Bozack,, 541-469-1970

Public Information Officer
Beverly Bacak

Tomas Bozack,, 541-254-0935

4th Congressional District Committee Delegates
Nick Hammon, 541-469-4584

Jim Klahr

Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs)

Precinct 1
Terry Brayer

Precinct 3
William Dooley

Precinct 4
David Pesonen
Mary Jane La Belle

Precinct 5
Beverly Bacak
Jim Wegener

Precinct 6
Kenneth W. Hansen

Precinct 7
Ann Vileisis
John (Jack) Pruitt

Precinct 8
Kathy Brayer
Carl King

Precinct 9
John Crymes
Sharon Crymes

Precinct 11
Barbara Eells

Precinct 13
Linda Elfman

Precinct 15
Judy Kaplan

Precinct 16
Vicky Bolen-O’Hara
Kathleen Delgado
Dominic Hammon
Lauren Spector

Precinct 17
Linda Bozack,, 541-254-0936
Tomas Bozack,, 541-254-0935
Warren Krick
Pamela Niles
Marijke Van Lith

Precinct 19
Jim Klahr

Precinct 21
Shirley Crocket

Precinct 25
Eileen Sorrels

Precinct 26
Richard Carey
John Weiss
Rose Weiss

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